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released June 28, 2012

All songs written and recorded by YOULIVE at Forlorn Rd Studios



all rights reserved


Youlive Bath, UK

Youlive - positive music.

Contact us at youliveuk@gmail.com

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Track Name: Bummer
Far too impatient
To wait for the sun to come up
I'm a sentence-wandering vagrant
You'll forget anyway

You'll forget it anyway
Any word I'll ever say
You'll forget it anyway
Every word I'll ever say

must. stop. taking. sucker punches
To the face and don't even blink
To say "no" if you'd ask
It's a thought nice to think
I almost want to believe in it

People use umbrellas
Way too often
Have you forgotten
Rain is just water?
Maybe we could have a daughter
But probably not!
You always wanted a kid
Or were you just kidding?

Far too complacent
You're already blasé
But nothing like Esmé
I'm feigning feeling fine
But I'm nothing on Esmé

She is singing
I'm just humming along
You're not hoping
What am I trying to hold?
Track Name: Morning Drowsiness
I get in and clean every scathe on my legs
With cotton wool wet with alcohol
My room decays like the hole in this bed
It starts to taste like a hospital

I get in and clean every scathe on my legs
I've been picking all the stitches on my limbs to shreds
I pulled out a pen/coloured over the casts
Drew a stick figure of you bludgeoning my head

I've got blank on this page where the colours don't run
Can't catch it in a picture; your eye's motion
Three hundred miles to your place in the sun
No more waiting for you

Two new holes/the side of my shoes
Safety pin backpack carrying burnt out birthday backfired blues

Good morning drowsiness, we meet again
Track Name: Cold Oxygen
An open window
And as I walk beneath
Almost sure I heard your voice
Almost sure I heard your teeth

Chatting and chattering
Pushing cold air through the gaps
Your coffee eyes can't warm
The winter you sigh out

And you sigh an awful lot

Almost sure I can remember
Arriving with medicine up for your weather cloud
Lonesome ascents up your staircase
"Let me die alone!" - I wish you'd avowed
Instead I said
Calm down, call out, or call it off
Come down, or call it off, or call it out

Is there any better air than cold oxygen at the back of the lungs?
Track Name: Hyacinth
Remind me again
That there are actually stories that aren't quite full of death!
Tickle of a trickle down the side of a face
Immeasurable river to another made-up place
Counting up all these syllables one by one
Of haiku's rather than pondering their sum
Tickle of a trickle down the side of a face
Immeasurable river to another made-up place

How 'bout stop sitting around all day
Cccccccomplaining about all the loose threads
How 'bout stop waiting for something to happen
When you already know that it won't

Hey you with the hyacinth hair
Parade it, parade it, parade it
Don't forget it
Track Name: Pale
You are no paler than any ghost I have seen
I think I've come across a few
You're no paler than your dusted reflection upon an old mirror laughing back at you

And Half-Moon called, he wants you back at home
Before dawn

I sit pushed to one side of this 5:30 park bench
In case you ever decide to stroll along
But by the end of this forty forth sunset
I brushed up, reposed and faded on my way

From now on I'll try to write down every useless thing I think
Because even the strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink